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Volume 9, Issue 2

Mechanisms of Vortex Oscillation in a Fluidic Flow Meter

By: Mohammed Al-Muqbel and Peshala Gamage | Mentor: Dr. Hansen Mansy

width= Flow meters are devices capable of measuring the amount of fluid transported through piping networks. Example applications include accurate measurements of flow in chemical processing plants and fluid consumption by end-users (e.g. water, fuel, natural gas, etc.) by customers, which is a core issue in fluid-handling engineering. Some flow meters contain no moving parts (Royle and Boucher 1972), which is desirable since moving parts wear over time, leading to compromised meter accuracy. Read more

Temperature Effects on Greenhouse Gas Production From Treatment Wetland Soils Along a Nutrient Gradient

By: Kyle Dittmer and Havalend Steinmuller | Mentor: Dr. Lisa Chambers

width= It is generally accepted that increased temperatures are positively correlated with microbial respiration rates, causing greater greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (CO2 and CH4) from wetlands. The goal of this study was to understand the potential for interacting effects of temperature and nutrient concentrations on GHG emissions from wetland soils. Complementary field studies and a laboratory study were completed within Cell 1 of the Orlando Wetlands Park (Christmas, FL). Read more