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The Impact of Crown Conch on Intertidal Oyster
Populations in Mosquito Lagoon

By: Casey Craig, Courtney Buck, Chelsea Landau, and Jordan Filipponi
Mentor: Dr. Linda Walters

Appendix B

Table 1: Feeding trial oyster size categories and size ranges. Minimum size to harvest oysters in Florida is 7.5 cm. M. corona shell length varied from 8.1 cm to 11.4 cm, with a mean value of 9.9 cm.

Table 2: Number of M. corona shell occupants in Mosquito Lagoon extrapolated from survey findings. The number of M. corona per reef was calculated based on survey findings (# found/18 reefs) and then scaled up by a factor of 2,802 (the number of oyster reefs in Mosquito Lagoon) to find the estimated number of each occupant in Mosquito Lagoon.