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The Impact of Crown Conch on Intertidal Oyster
Populations in Mosquito Lagoon

By: Casey Craig, Courtney Buck, Chelsea Landau, and Jordan Filipponi
Mentor: Dr. Linda Walters

Appendix A

Figure 1: Total count of all live M. corona, the hermit crab C. vittatus in shells of M. corona, and empty shells of M. corona by season. No individuals were found during winter surveys.

Figure 2: Mean shell lengths of live M. corona (± SE) from summer and fall surveys. There was no significant different in shell lengths between seasons (ANOVA: p = 0.107).

Figure 3: Regression model illustrating no significant correlation between live M. corona shell length (cm) and prey oyster shell length (cm) (r2 = 0.123685; conch size = 11.390006 – 0.262133 x oyster size).

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