University of Central Florida Undergraduate Research Journal - Teaching Like a Girl: Student Reflection of the Benefits and Challenges of Feminist Pedagogy
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Teaching "Like a Girl": Student Reflection of
the Benefits and Challenges of Feminist Pedagogy

By: Ashley Torres | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés

In-Class Discussions

Face-to-face discussions were usually held continuously throughout the entire class. This method was very well liked by students (see Figure 4). The lessons were driven by and presented via slideshows and were projected onto a large smart board. The entire class could see and read the slideshows – they often contained biographical information, pictures, and discussion topics

Sometimes, we were required to select a favorite quote from the assigned reading so that students could lead the discussions based on what they thought was interesting or confusing. If the class was prepared, the conversations were fuller and more engaged. Many times, students did not read the material before class and Dr. Rodríguez Milanés led the discussion in such a way that still required students to provide feedback. Chick and Hassel state that feminist pedagogy requires class members to be responsible for "habits of mind," which includes demonstrating initiative over one's education and developing thinking patterns and awareness that go beyond the actual course. If students do not read the material it is impossible to fulfill this goal, but if the classroom is invested in learning, we can learn so much more than just the facts or base content of the books.

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