University of Central Florida Undergraduate Research Journal - What Is Appealing?: Sex and Racial Differences in Perceptions of the Physical Attractiveness of Women
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This study evaluated variables collected by a child advocacy center to determine their influence on the treatment attendance of children receiving services for abuse. Results found a significant difference, albeit small effect size, in child abuse victims who receive counseling services having more appointment cancellations with primary caregiving biological mothers as opposed to biological fathers. Future research, with mixed methods designs of qualitative inquiry, may further unpack this finding. The researchers of this study acknowledge that males, particularly romantic partners and live-in boyfriends, perpetrate more child abuse, especially sexual abuse, than women. The finding from this study, along with the non-significant findings suggesting demographic characteristics that do not influence treatment completion, indicate the need for further research on additional factors that contribute to lower levels of treatment attendance. This will assist in implementing techniques to prevent early discharge from child-care agencies.

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