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Cold Temperature Effects on Byssal Thread
Production by the Native Mussel Geukensia demissa
versus the Non-Native Mussel Mytella charruana

By: Sasha Brodsky | Mentors: Dr. Linda Walters, Dr. Kimberly Schneider, and Dr. Eric Hoffman


Funding was provided by the Biology Department at the University of Central Florida; USDA NIFA grant to E. Hoffman, L. Walters, and K. Schneider (Award No.: 2008-32320-04574); Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program grant to L. Walters, E. Hoffman, and K. Schneider; and an Office of Undergraduate Research Student Grant from the University of Central Florida to S. Brodsky. Special thanks to Dr. David Borst for use of water-chilling equipment and to Dr. Pedro Quintana- Ascencio for assistance with data analysis. Additional thanks to the Research and Mentoring Program (RAMP) at the University of Central Florida. Thanks to E. Nash, A. Godwin, R. Odom, and W. Yuan for field
and laboratory assistance.

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