University of Central Florida Undergraduate Research Journal - Volume 4, Issue 1 - Fall 2007
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Volume 4, Issue 1

Are Florida's Children Safe?
Evaluating Safety in District 7 Privatized Child Welfare Services

By Antoinette Bazunu | Mentor: Wendell C. Lawther
Winner of the UCF Library's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Are Florida's Children Safe? In 1998, the Florida state legislature mandated the privatization of child welfare services. The decision to contract child welfare services to non-profit organizations was instituted in an effort to lower costs and to increase the effectiveness and quality in service delivery. The 1998 initiative came to be known as “Community-Based Care” and was based on the idea of giving local communities incentives to be more accountable for children....   Read more >

The "blood-stained gate": The Intertextuality of Memory in Frederick Douglass's Autobiographies

By Eric Fershtman | Mentor: Dr. Lynn Casmier-Paz

The blood-stained gate: The Intertextuality of Memory in Frederick Douglass's AutobiographiesFrederick Douglass published three autobiographies in his lifetime—the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass in 1845, My Bondage and My Freedom in 1855, and Life and Times of Frederick Douglass in 1892. Each must be viewed as a distinct work, because the accounts of the same incident in Douglass's life receive different treatments in each autobiography.
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Silence of the Sexes: Gender Inversion in Jonathan Demme's The Silence of the Lambs

By Megan Evans| Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Oliver

"Silence of the Sexes: Gender Inversion in Jonathan Demme's The Silence of the Lambs" focuses on the role gender plays in and between the characters of Clarice Starling, Buffalo Bill, and Dr. Hannibal Lecter in Jonathan Demme's film The Silence of the Lambs (1991).
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A Comparative Study of the Great Powers' Space Policies

By Ari Litwin| Mentor: Dr. Houman Sadri

Current manned space efforts are heavily invested in areas where cooperation is a key concern. The International Space Station program consists of seven international partners, and there is a renewed push to send unmanned probes to the moon in preparation for future sustained manned missions. Cooperation in space endeavors, much like in any area of international policy, has its own benefits and challenges that are unique to each participant and this comparative analysis will present the view of these benefits and challenges from the perspective of each of the great space powers.
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Design Improvements and Construction of an Electric Fish Finder

By Jeffrey C. Lambert | Mentor: William G. R. Crampton

We provide notes on the design and construction of an ‘Electric Fish Finder – a self contained, portable bioamplifier for the detection and monitoring of the electric organ discharges generated by electric fish.  Here we describe several improvements on a previous design, including: improved performance in waters of extremely low conductivity, extended battery life, and better waterproofing.

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Holocaust Educational Practices: Reviews and Recommendations

By Shainna Ali and Erik Horne | Mentor: Dr. Sheryl Needle-Cohn

    The Holocaust, the most horrific event of the twentieth century, demonstrated the effects of state- ordained genocide. The Holocaust’s historical framework emerged from a deep rooted past of racist sentiment that culminated in the organized killing of six million people. Exposing students to constructs of racism, prejudice, indifference, diversity, morality, acceptance, tolerance, and understanding through Holocaust pedagogy can perhaps prevent future genocidal events.