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Social Class Justifications:
The Capitalist Conspiracy?

By: Wendi Kane
Mentor: James Wright


Research data were generated through the use of self-administered surveys.  1496 surveys were administered to students in many different departments on the University of Central Florida Orlando campus; including Arts, Humanities, Business, Law, Engineering, Education, Social Sciences, and Psychology.  During a two-week period, 40 students administered surveys by contacting professors in advance and distributing at the beginning or end of class time.  During distribution of the survey, if a student chose not to participate, that survey was re-distributed to another student.

After entering the data into SPSS and combining the results, 1496 surveys were available for analysis.  Even though this is a non-probability sample, demographics from the 2006 UCF student body are comparable to those in our study: 45% male and 55% female, 70% white, 8% black, 12% Hispanic, and 10% other. 

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