University of Central Florida Undergraduate Research Journal - Gender Disparities in Depression in Elderly Puerto Ricans
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Gender Disparities in Depression in Elderly
Puerto Ricans

By: Arnaldo Perez-Negron | Mentor: Dr. Fernando Rivera


Past research has shown considerable differences in depression levels in elderly Hispanics. Specifically, past studies have found high levels of depressive symptoms among elderly Hispanic women, particularly those with a Puerto Rican cultural background. However, few studies have analyzed gender as a predictor of depression among elderly Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico. Utilizing data from the Puerto Rican Elderly Health Conditions survey, this study found elderly Puerto Rican women to have higher levels of depression relative to men and gender differences in the factors associated with depression. This study aims to close the knowledge gap regarding gender disparities in depression in elderly Puerto Ricans residing on the island. Future research should aim to study these gender disparities after the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.

KEYWORDS: Puerto Rico; elderly; Hispanic Health; depression

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